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Krave Kollection

Customize my hairline

Customize my hairline

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Closure Revamp Service

•More realistic hairline
•Makes a longer realistic parting section
•Gives a frontal look
•Minimal hair breakage( balding)
-Need to fill in bald spots on your current wig

For New Wigs
Why tweeze away perfect good hair when you can just add hair to the extra lace! Most closures are made with a vey unnatural hairline which causes most wig makers, beauticians, and wig wearers having to “tweeze the hairline” for a natural look! Over the years I found that tweezing the hairline could sometimes leave you with short stubs of hair that didn’t fully break off during the tweezing process. This then leads to breakage and balding at the hair line of your wig unit! I thought instead picking the hairs away let’s add more hair in. This insures no breakage from tweezing, gives you a longer parting space , and with strategic placement, you will notice the hairline looks much more natural!

For Old Wigs

Are you noticing the hair in your lace piece is thinning or even balding? Instead of replacing the entire wig let’s just add hair back onto the lace. This repair service will make your wig look brand new again. Prices range depending on the size go your balding area.
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