Hair Care Guide

The lifespan of your hair extensions will depend on the aftercare. Here are some tips to best maintain your wigs along with product recommendations. 


  • Excessive use of heat or shampoo

  • Overuse of products; especially oils

  • Avoid blow drying your wigs, extensions keep their luster longer when the hair is air dries


  • Wash hair as needed; if you sweat a lot while wearing your unit I recommend washing your wig once a week.

  • ALWAYS Detangle from ends to top of wefts, comb gently to avoid excessive shedding.

  • After shampooing your wig, apply conditioner all throughout the hair. Gently comb the conditioner through the hair, and rinse with lukewarm water. I highly recommend Silicon Mix Silicon mix bamboo hair treatment 8 oz, 8.0 Ounce 

  • Always allow wig to airdry

Curly Hair Tips

  • For curlier textures we recommend combing your hair while wet

  • Detangle hair from ends to top of wefts 

  • We recommend avoiding using heat on your curly hair but if you do, please apply a heat protectant and NEVER exceed 350 degrees

  • ArtNaturals Heat Protectant Spray against Flat Iron Heat


Straight & Wavy Textures


Coloring Hair

  • Hair is best colored by a licensed professional

  • Lightening the hair can cause dryness and shedding


Tips For Closures

  • Avoid bobby pins, clips, scratching or anything that could puncture or damage the lace

  • All of our closures are handmade and each hair is individually tied, so any harsh manipulation(over styling, excessive heat use, bleaching) will cause excessive shedding

  • We recommend having your closures washed by a professional stylist but if you should wash your closure your self you should wash your closure, massage the hair in one direction, be very gentle as they are very delicate & subject to balding or shedding.

  • Lace closures last about 6-12 months before they will begin balding. You should book regular maintenance appointments to have you lace serviced.